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In cooperation with the Child Development Association’s Nutrition Program, our daycare will provide and offer nutritious meals and snacks to the children under our care because it is an integral part of one’s health, specifically of a growing child. A well balanced diet is necessary to help build strong mind and body and to ensure that their required energy is met for them to perform and enjoy their daily activities without compromising one’s health.

Upon enrollment, a detailed menu will be provided for your reference. This is not included in the enrollment fee. You will also have the option to opt out of the meals & snacks provision but please make sure to prepare and send meals and snacks for your little angel when he or she goes to the daycare. Menus will be varied on a regular basis to ensure that the nutritional requirements of each child is met.

If your child requires specialty diets, (example: Lactose Free Foods/Wheat Free Foods/Gluten Free, etc), kindly provide such, bring these and turn over to the daycare provider with proper instructions on how to prepare them.