Apart from learning and playing, your child will also be taught proper hygiene at Baby Steps. I believe that teaching them at the earliest age possible, is a great advantage because they will develop excellent hygiene habits and these will be helpful and useful throughout their lives.

All surfaces that they may possibly come in close contact with, such as diaper changing tables, chairs, toys, activity tables, and all others, will also be disinfected / sanitized. A sanitizing station is situated at the entrance of our facility, so I encourage everyone to please feel free to sanitize before and after the entering / leaving the daycare to help minimize the spread of germs.

The following will be taught and practiced in the daycare :
(by myself, assistant and the children)

Washing of the hands :

• Before and after eating
• After outdoor activities
• Before and after diaper change /change of clothing / toilet time
• If in contact with own bodily fluids or from others
• Before and after taking medication, applying ointment or any other substance
• Before leaving the daycare

Each of the child aged 14 months above will also be taught and assisted how to brush their teeth after each meal.